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What are escape rooms?

It’s been said that at this point, you can either be someone who raves about mind-boggling, immersive live escape room games or you could be someone who has no clue what that is. Just so you know, the first group is having more fun. And it’s conquering the second group. Fast. Catch up, or be left behind. These are possibly the best escape rooms in Bangalore, so don’t hang around.

To Whom

This is for everybody and their mother too. You can try out an escape room or mystery room at Mystery Junkies with your family, your friends, your colleagues, your team mates, fellow gamers, your children, their friends. You get the picture….it’s just a great time with people you enjoy hanging out with everyday. The themes we have are without doubt the best escape rooms Bangalore has on tap.

How many?

Our escape room experiences and mystery rooms have been designed for 2-8 people. But just so you know, with 2 people you probably have a lesser chance of completing this, on time. The experience is still fabulous, but you’re making it difficult for yourself. That’s the honest truth. So pack a few more friends along and gear up for a great escape room experience.

How long is the Escape Room game?

The locked room or as we call it, the escape room experience is designed for 60 minutes. That’s a full hour of engagement and immersion into a fantastically designed theme. However, we need you to be 15 minutes early, at the premises. And chances are that you’ll want some pictures taken or high fives shared before you leave. That’s another 10-15 minutes. Plan accordingly.

What is laser tag?

Laser Tag is a family entertainment venue combining the classic games of hide and seek and tag with a high tech twist.  Our arena has specialty lighting, swirling fog and energetic music & a mesmerizing state of the art aqua theme to add to the excitement for up to 12 players in each game.

How long is laser tag game?

Each game takes approximately 20 minutes from start to finish including the distribution of your scorecard.  It is a 12 min game, you can play multiple games or arrange a tournament for yourself.

What type of clothing do i need to wear?

Comfortable Clothing, Non-slipping Shoes.

Can children play these games?

Yes, Escape rooms and laser tag develop lateral thinking, out of box ideas, parallel thinking, creative problem solving, strategic thinking, team work.

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